Tractor Beam

Tractor Beam is a 2D space action game of couriering with a tractor beam. Designed for the OMG Cup 2005. Tractor Beam is a rethink/remake of my original game Tracktor Beam (I even kept the mis-spelling).

This page shows the development of the game, from prototype to product. You can download and play with all the individual steps to see how it developed.


"Tracktor Beam is freakin' sweet."


16 April 2007
Updated for Intel Macs, and provides a keyboard option for beaming.
Download it here.

28 Novemeber
Final version. Added a complete user interface and a bonus game for 5 gold times.

20 Novemeber
So little time. One more level added and some bug fixes.

Download it here.

7 Novemeber
One more level added with intelligent flying mines.
Download it here.

4 Novemeber
Three more levels added, improved UI, scrolling levels, multiple crates and fragile crates.
Download it here.

31 October
Many changes over the weekend. Drew lots of graphics, added a UI, a hud, textures, improved tractor beam, multiple levels, loading levels from files, times and scoring.

Download it here.

26 October
Added some sound and wrote a triangulation algorithm that allows me to specify bezier paths to create the levels. Download it here.

23 October
The real thing:

Download it here.

22 October
A mock up:

21 October
It took a few hours this night to create a prototype. Using Newton to build a 2D physics engine and some simple OpenGL drawing. I also prototyped the interaction, flying using the keyboard and beaming using the mouse to click near objects to grab them. So far it seems to work well and it already has an addictive feel to it. Which is brilliant since it provides lots of promise. Although it is still a bit hard to control or build towers, this will change when the size or the weights of the blocks are increased. Download it here.